My Baby's Nursery (Finally)

Sunday, December 11, 2011
As promised, I have finally almost finished Ezra's nursery, so here are the pictures.

A few more things I want to do: Get  those puppy dog tail hooks from Ikea. I have some wall art I bought from Etsy coming to add, and I need some dark curtains to cover the windows so he stops waking up so early now that the sun is up a lot earlier! Also, I really want to paint the little side table a glossy bright fire engine red!!
I really do love his little room, and I hope that he loves it too!
I kinda went a little crazy with taking photos so I just thought I would add them all!!

6 comments on "My Baby's Nursery (Finally)"
  1. what a gorgeous peaceful growing place :) You've got a lovely touch and very lucky little boy

    loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


  2. it's beautiful! madi has an "i sew lucky" owl too..aren't they great? cant wait for madison & ezra to meet someday - we miss you guys!

  3. i love your nursery!! the colors, the decor, everything!!

  4. the embroidery hoop wall art is adorable! very cute colors and decor in here :)