I like to Run Amuk

Tuesday, May 15, 2012
If you haven't been down to South Freo for a while you may be interested to know there is a new sausage place, caught your interest?

It's called Run Amuk and they make amazing gourmet Bratwurst hotdogs. We visited twice in one week because we couldn't stop thinking about how good they were. It is just down on South Tce about 100 or so metres from the South Beach roundabout. Its a fun little place with Where's Wally (Waldo for the Americans like Joel)  pages laminated to the tables and drum stools for chairs. They don't just make the average run of the mill hot dogs, they are good quality locally made sausages so your supporting WA farming. They have come up with a great variety of toppings that I wouldn't have even thought of before, I have tried the Stumbles and Minx and both a delicious, but Minx would rate as my favourite. I may never try any different ones, I am one of those people who finds the one they like and is too scared to try anything else in fear of wasting the experience. They even have a vegetarian option for those who desire. 
Check out www.runamuk.com.au for more details. 

Maybe we will see you there sometime! If you live nearby it is well worth a visit!!

Karen xx

2 comments on "I like to Run Amuk"
  1. um. that is amazing. thanks for making me drool! did one of those have apples on it?!

  2. No problem! Yep one had apples, that was Joel's I'm not sure what it consisted of, but definitely apples!