The way I read

Friday, May 18, 2012
It wasn't until recently that I actually decided to start following and keeping up with others blogs via Google Reader. I'm not really sure what I was doing before, but it definitely was not an effective way of following my favourite blogs, too time consuming and I was missing a lot of good posts. I wanted to share because I know when you are new to reading blogs you may not know that there is a super simple and easy way to connect and have all the blogs you read in a nice easy to get to place. I use Google Reader because it is the easiest for me, because I already have a google account, so it makes sense. But there are other readers out there too.

If you see a little symbol like this below, it is the RSS feed,  click on it and that is the easiest way to add new blogs to your blog reader! So simple!

I recently downloaded the 'Flipboard' app for my iPad and added my Google reader feed to it, and oh my, it is amazing. Its so easy because you can put your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Reader and whatever the heck else you want in one place. It is also really good if you have an iPhone, just a bit smaller obviously.

Until recently as well I was a 'silent' reader. I would enjoy a post and quickly move on. I guess I didn't know what to write and didn't want to come across as in genuine or someone who was just commenting to get more publicity for my own blog. Now I have become a commenting machine, when I enjoy something, I let the writing know, because I know how important encouragement is when you are blogging. I know how awesome it is when you get feedback and comments from your readers. Instead of writing to the big vast unknown you start to get an idea of the people who enjoy your blog, and that is so awesome. I don't get a lot of comments, but I know through my Google Analytics that there are a bunch of 'silent' readers like me out there. So, not begging, just inviting you to connect! I love to hear back, and I have just (finally) set it up so I can actually Reply to individual comments, hurrah!

So the boy is having a lovely long nap, so I am going to sign off, make a cuppa tea and sit down in front of the heater with my iPad and get into some good quality reading!

Karen xx

2 comments on "The way I read"
  1. Yes Karen! Great post! I also just recently started using the google reader (more regularly) to connect with all the blogs I follow. Amazing how easy it is when everything is in one place! 

  2. Thanks Janelle!! So much easier, why wasn't I utilising this before!