40 weeks plus two

Thursday, June 27, 2013
It has been so quiet around these parts. I've been wanting to write, but then haven't found the motivation or the inspiration. Right now, I can only think about one thing. Yep, baby GET OUT!! I didn't want to bombard my blog with multiple posts about the fact that I am still waiting, I didn't want to bore you all with the non-events that have been going on around here. So I just haven't written. I've been trying to fill up my days, and not sit around waiting all the time. This week I crocheted my first ever granny square thanks again to YouTube tutorials, and made some awesome play-dough which was a massive hit with Ezra!!

Today I am 40 weeks and 2 days.
The last two days had me thinking that it was all on. I started having 'contractions' on both days, only to have them stop in the wee hours of the morning. Last night I really, really thought it was all going to ramp up and I even finished packing everything into the hospital bag. But here we are, still here, still waiting. I have to go to the hospital every two days from now on so that they can monitor the baby's heart beat. I have an Induction date, they are going to let me go 13 days over my due date. Which is awesome, really, because last time I was induced, and I do not want to go through that again. So I've got myself an extra week for it all to happen naturally from what I thought I had. YAY! Lets just hope this baby doesn't grow too HUGE!! eeek!

I'm so glad for all the support in my life right now. Joel has been awesome, and his work thankfully is kind of flexible and allows him to do some work from home if needed. My Mum has been helping to look after Ezra and making dinners and doing all the domestic duties I just don't feel up for. So really I have it pretty good.

So, hopefully I will have a better update for you soon!

Karen xx


5 comments on "40 weeks plus two"
  1. I can only lament with you, I was so glad I went a few days before and on my due date with the girls. I was so sick of it by then, baby wishes for you real soon xxx

  2. I remember those long overdue days with #1 and #2, especially with #1 who went 10 days over. crossing my fingers for you that this wee one will be ready soon. x

  3. I went the full 42 weeks with my little one - and it really sucks... Unless you've been overdue don't comment on an overdue pregnancy ( my little tip to the women who went early with their babies and really rubbed me up the wrong way). Good luck

  4. I was 9 days over with my first and the waiting was so hard (not to mention uncomfortable)! I hope bub comes soon for you :-)

  5. ha Shari! I totally agree, there is nothing like going that long over your due date. The first time I was 11 days, every day was horrid! At least this time she only made me wait 3 extra days!