No Maternity Style: 39 Weeks

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Well, on Tuesday I waddled ungracefully into my 39th week of pregnancy. As I know I've alluded to previously, I was hoping I wouldn't make it to the 39th week of pregnancy, and I've been dreading going over the 40th week like I did the first time. Each of those 11 days that I went over were excruciatingly long and frustrating, and hanging over me was the looming fear of the impending induction. Which did end up eventuating, meaning no water birth for me.

Everyday I am still waiting in anticipation, but I'm trying desperately not to stress or get as frustrated as last time about it. I'm trying to relax and enjoy my quieter days and trust that my body and my baby will find a time that is optimal for us both, that delivers the least amount of stress on my body and a healthy baby ready to make her appearance to the world.

I've officially been kicked out of our bed, and I've moved into the spare bedroom. Apparently I make too much noise when I roll over, and I take up too much room. I'm not complaining because I really like the spare bed, and when Ezra gets up early in the morning it isn't me he starts jumping on, so I'm getting a bit more of a sleep in!! Which I desperately need because I'm often up eating oatmeal at midnight and unable to sleep.
A really grainy bathroom shot! You're welcome!
There isn't a real maternity style post this week because, well lets be honest there isn't very much style going on at the moment. My style basically consists of the comfiest PJ pants ever, the QANTAS business class PJ pants that my Dad gets on his work trips and hands them around, I think almost my whole family wears them, seriously they are amazing! If you weren't aware, people who travel business class get changed into complimentary pyjamas on long flights, well wouldn't that be nice!! I've never had that opportunity. A black tank top that is almost too short and whatever cardigan I can find rounds out my daily wardrobe.

So, what methods do you swear by to get that baby out? I've heard great things about acupuncture. I've heard that castor oil works, but I'm not sure I want to deal with the explosive diarreah that accompanies it.

Karen xx

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4 comments on "No Maternity Style: 39 Weeks"
  1. I had terribly late babies (says she who is never on time) I totally know what you mean about those long days. I hope you are not kept waiting too much longer xx

    Oh and I have heard others rave about those QANTAS pjs!

  2. You are seriously too cute! This post gave me a good chuckle. I can't say much for things that make the baby come out - with BOTH of mine I scheduled induction and went into labor on my own the DAY each was scheduled!! Talk about God's timing... Love you Mama - thinking of you over the next week or so! Come OUT baby girl!

  3. I used acupuncture when Toddler C was 38 weeks and still wasn't even engaged! He ended up coming early so maybe it worked? If nothing else I would highly recommend it as you get to lie on a comfy bed and relax for an hour! Definitely more pleasant than castor oil!

  4. Ha! Just saw this now, and that would be because I was in hospital having Charlie when you wrote this one!