Maternity Style: 37 Weeks black,white and neon

Monday, June 10, 2013

So we're officially considered full term and I'm so ready to have this baby ( I think I say that every week, ha)!! I really dont want to go over my due date again, my body is already struggling, I wake up in the morning and feel like a Grandma, I'm aching everywhere and I hobble down the stairs and hope to loosen up my muscles a little more. I know I skipped last weeks Maternity Style post, I put it down to being hit by a huge lack of motivation last week, and a tad bit of exhaustion. Right now nothing really feels like it looks 'good', and my face has definitely changed and is way more puffy, I spend lot of time just wearing my PJ pants because they are so comfortable (not when I go out, I havent plunged that far yet), but I'm going to embrace it and go with it because I have a really great excuse!!

My parents have been away for the last two weeks, so I've been hoping she waits until they get back, which is tonight YAY! It is nice just to have the peace of mind that Ezra will be able to stay here with them so easily, one less thing to worry about. Plus I know that my Mum especially would be so upset if she knew the baby arrived and she was so far away!

Cardigan: Coincidence and Chance (from Urban Outfitters)
Jeans: ASOS Maternity
Top: Spicey Sugar

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3 comments on "Maternity Style: 37 Weeks black,white and neon"
  1. You look great! But I do understand the love for pj's....I'd love to live in them for the next 13+ weeks!


  2. Found you on the pleated poppy :) I was due yesterday with our second and I AM DONE. It doesn't help that I'm dilated to almost a 5 and have had hours of contractions only to have them suddenly go away. Pretty sure I'm going to end up having this baby at home because I won't believe it's the real thing until it's too late!

  3. Ahh I feel your pain, I had the same thing with the contractions for our first, days of contractions that just weren't regular! I hope your bub makes a move soon, every day after the due date seems so go on forever! x Karen Thanks for stopping by!