Nesting and Crafty Project Inspiration

Sunday, June 2, 2013
I haven't posted since last Sunday. If you were wondering if I suddenly went into labour, I'm afraid I didn't. Although I'm not quite yet 37 weeks, I would have no problem having this baby sooner rather than later. I have been busy, and tired and just getting to those stages where everything, including sitting at a computer screen and typing is a MASSIVE effort!! I forgot how much this last stage takes out of you, and how I just want to sleep or rest basically all the time. On Thursday night and Friday this baby must have been lodged somewhere near my left hip making it almost impossible to walk, which is really not fun when you have an almost two year old to look after. The pain seems to have subsided, thankfully, meaning I have actually been enjoying the weekend. 
As you might know, because we are currently temporary lodgers with my parents I haven't really able to do the whole 'nesting' thing properly, my nesting instinct is still in full swing, but it has been redirected into dreaming, and doing some crafty projects. I thought I would share some of the projects I have spotted that have inspired me, they look really fun and actually pretty easy. 

Up until I spotted these, I thought friendship bracelets were fairly lame.
But these actually look pretty awesome and make me want to run out and buy neon thread and start weaving them like back in my primary school days, it also makes me wish I had a child old enough to appreciate the project! 
You can find the really detailed tutorial HERE 

I really want to make one of these rugs. It is made from t.shirt material yarn, and you can find it in Australia from a company called Hoooked Zpagetti . It also doesn't seem too difficult, but they would be so gorgeous for a kids room (or kitchen, laundry, living room, basically anywhere!!) 
You can find the tutorial for the pictured rug HERE

And seeing I have recently started to crochet, my first project is still in progress and it is a baby blanket. I am really keen to make more things, I thought these booties are really gorgeous, and seeing we are heading into winter. (HERE) The possibilities of crocheting stuff are really endless!

Have you been inspired by any craft projects lately? I would love to know which ones you have seen and loved or tried, or even invented!! 

Karen xx 

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3 comments on "Nesting and Crafty Project Inspiration"
  1. I love all three of those projects.
    I remember making friendship bracelets my the dozen when I was young.
    And learning how to crochet is on my too do list...that rug is awesome.
    Happy crafting and nesting!

  2. I love all three of these too! I have fond memories of making friendship bracelets in Year 7 with my friends. I think I still have some somewhere. I'll check out the tutorial, as I've forgotten how to do it :-)

  3. I love crochet! I still have a few projects I need to start for baby girl before she gets here!