Maternity Style: 35 Weeks Floral Fun

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Woah, I just blew right up this week, and I just feel big, but that is ok I guess this baby must be getting nice and chubby! I'm at that stage where it is getting quite uncomfortable, and I'm often up in the middle of the nice doing stretches and trying to find a sleeping position that works. She seems like she is running out of room in there. All day it feels like she is trying to break out. We are getting so excited the meet this little girl, will she have dark hair like me, red hair like her Dad or will she be a little blondie like her big brother? 

We are working on names, which was a struggle for us last time as well. We're figuring out where to put her things, and finally I can do some nesting type stuff, like wash her clothes and put them in a chest of drawers we picked up from a roadside pickup, that needs some re-painting, but that will have to come later. I'm hoping she arrives on time, or a little early. Not late like her older brother who came 11 excruciating days after my due date, whilst I was having sporadic contractions every day that kept tricking me into thinking it was time to go to the hospital. 

Jumper: Quirky Circus (Myer purchase for my last pregnancy, still going strong)
Jeans: ASOS Maternity found HERE
Boots: (the most comfortable ankle boots ever, and I can wear them again thanks to my trusty flight socks) Sam Edelman Petty Boots found HERE

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Karen xx
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8 comments on "Maternity Style: 35 Weeks Floral Fun"
  1. I am seriously impressed that you are in real clothes.

    I am pretty sure that by 35 weeks I was wearing all muumuus all the time!

  2. Oh those last few weeks of pregnancy - it's hard to feel stylish in anything, you just feel big and uncomfortable. Still, very worth it in the end!

  3. I do spend quite a bit of time in really comfy pj pants when I don't have to leave the house!! Everything feels tight and uncomfortable!

  4. Oh it so is hard to feel stylish, and comfort is my main agenda!!

  5. looking gorgeous Karen! not long to go now xx

  6. look adorable! I love seeing baby bumps! I always hated that weekly dr visit towards the end...mostly the stepping on the scale part! Oh well, after delivery most of is comes off anyway!

    Knocked Up Fabulous
    I'm having a giveaway to The Children's Place! You should stop on know those cuties or your want some new kicks for summer ; )

  7. Cute outfit! Stylish momma ;). Congrats on the soon to be newborn! I know what it's like to want it over. Fortunately I'm only in the second trimester, so I still feel comfortable...but before I know it Ill be ready to pop!