A long week

Sunday, May 12, 2013
It has been quiet around my little space online this week. It has been one of those weeks, I know none of us are immune to 'those' weeks. Joel spent a couple of nights away, and although I'm not by myself (my Mum was here), I still feel like things are a lot harder when he isn't here to share the load, or just to talk to. Time seemed to drag and I haven't had any motivation at all, and it's not that I have really been that busy, but just exhausted. Pregnancy is starting to really take its toll on my energy levels. Sleeping properly has become a bit of a problem, standing has become a bit of a problem and walking too much is also a problem.

Frustration kicks in because I just want my body to be able to do what I want it to do. I want to run around and play with my very active toddler, because I know I only have a limited number of weeks to give him all of my attention. I want to have the energy to complete all the tasks on my to do list, I want to get out and about and feel like I'm in control and on-top of things. But none of those things are really happening right now, and it drives me a little crazy. I know that how important it is to 'listen to my body' and not push myself too hard, but it is hard to rest when you have people relying on you.  I try to  force myself to rest, to put my feet up, to not feel stressed and to try to sleep. It doesn't mean though that my head isn't still full of everything that I want to be doing.

I know that it is so worth every ache, pain and frustration.
My main goal is a healthy, thriving little girl at the end of the day.

I just  felt everything got on top of me. I wasn't really coping, and I was easily upset and irritated, I try not to take it out on my little boy, or my husband who is also worn out (and just happened to be sick yesterday) but sometimes it is hard not to.

Thankfully today (being Mothers Day) was so relaxing. My brothers and my Nanna came down to visit, my Dad cooked a big brunch on the BBQ, Ezra was happily occupied with everyone, I got to take a nap and it just was such an easy day. I am in such a better head space now. It is amazing what a decent sleep and a nap can do.

I'm ready for the week ahead. I'm determined to enjoy these quieter weeks, to rest and prepare for the chaos that a newborn baby brings.

The ups and downs of pregnancy, hormones and toddlers.

Karen xx 
4 comments on "A long week"
  1. There must be something in the air because I have had one of those weeks too.
    I am glad that you got some rest and were able to relax for a minute...it really does make all the difference doesn't it.

  2. I'm starting to get to that space too. Some days are definitely harder than others. But a nap, when you can get it, really is so good! Better than sleep overnight actually as you sleep solid without the need to get up and pee!

  3. Karen think Caitlin is right - there is definitely something in the air. I hope you get some well earned rest and and that sun comes out again soon for you chick xx

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