My Breastfeeding Essentials List

Thursday, May 2, 2013
I was starting to compile a list of the things I still need to organise for when our next little poppet arrives and apart from all the clothes and things for her, I also had the thought that I need to get together all the things I need to prepare to be breastfeeding again. I have most things, but there are a few items that I wish I had last time, or things that just didn't stand the test of time and now I need to replace. While I was making my list, I thought it would be good to share what my personal essential breastfeeding items are to make life easier for me as a breastfeeding Mum. I didn't know about half of this stuff when I first started breastfeeding, and spent time madly googling it during those midnight feeds.

1. Breastfeeding Cover: Some people don't mind whipping their boobs out anywhere, and that is awesome for them, I'm not that confident everywhere, more so around a group of people I know. Some places I don't mind, but others I would just rather have a cover. They also come in handy when your baby is old enough to become distracted by light and noise around them, it helps them to focus on the task at hand. I have a great one that a colleague made for me, the best thing is the boning stitched into the top so you can actually look down and see your baby. {Link to image HERE}

2. Bonds Nursing Singlet: I pretty much lived in these during my breastfeeding days. I love that I could pretty much wear any top over it, and then just lift the top up when I wanted to breastfeed, but the singlet hid my not so pretty tummy from the world. I didn't feel that I was restricted very much by the clothes I could wear. They are great for pregnancy too, I love them. I wear Bonds ones, and they are pretty comfy. {Link HERE}

3. Majamas Easy Bra: I bought one of these the first time round, it was definitely an essential for me, I wore it as a night time bra. I had big leakage problems when I was breastfeeding so this elastic bra was great for wearing with breast pads over night to stop myself from waking up in a pool of milk. It also has really easy access for the middle of the night feeds. {Link HERE}

4. Breast Pads: Like I said, major leakage. I was going through packets of disposable pads like crazy it was costing some serious money and I didn't really like them. Then I won a set of these Itti Bitti pads, and they were amazing. I hated that the disposable ones weren't really breathable and I would always feel hot and clammy. I will probably invest in some more this time round. {Link HERE}

5. Milk Trays: So, so easy for freezing pumped milk. They freeze in these nice little sticks so they actually fit into the bottle when they are still frozen, they are BPA free and are specifically designed for freezing breast milk. You basically freeze the milk in these and then remove from the trays into a zip lock bag with a date written on it and keep it in the freezer for when they are needed. They were very, very handy. {Link HERE}

6. A Comfy Chair with good Back Support: I don't have a great back or neck as it is so a good chair that helps me to sit up straight was essential. I love this Olli Ella one, but it is a bit out of my price range. My Chiropractor also told me that I should try to make sure I'm not looking down all the time when breastfeeding because it can mess with your neck (because I was ALWAYS looking down). So try to look straight ahead when  you can, and stretch your neck by looking up to the ceiling. {Link HERE}

7. Breast Pump: Some women don't want them or feel the need for them, but I wanted at least the option of a little freedom and the security of knowing there was milk in the freezer if I was late home. I had a manual breast pump last time that I wasn't really keen on, so this time I am looking into investing into an electric one. I haven't done all the research yet, but I keep hearing good things about the Medela Swing. I need something that doesn't take forever, because with a toddler and a baby it is safe to suggest I am going to be fairly time poor. {Link HERE}

8. Lanolin Cream: This little tube is a serious LIFE SAVER (maybe a slight exaggeration). It really, really helped me in the early days when things are all a little tender. I went through this stuff like crazy, and I'm planning on stocking up on it again.

When I asked Joel if I was missing anything, he suggested the number one item be BOOBS! Well I figured that was pretty much a given, but he thought it was hilarious!

So, what have I missed? What would you consider an essential breastfeeding item?

If you are interested, here is my breastfeeding story from the first time round!
My Breastfeeding Journey

Karen xx

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14 comments on "My Breastfeeding Essentials List"
  1. Um, LOVE Joel's idea for the number one item - leave it up to hubs! #8 was a definite must for me. Lanolin cream might not be a life saver, but it IS a boob saver! The milk tray is an amazing idea. I didn't pump too much (let's face it, it makes me feel like a cow) and also little bub didn't take too kindly to bottles, but what a wonderful invention for women who are doing a lot of pumping and freezing!

  2. Reusable breast pads? Brilliant! Investigating! Thanks! I'd add Multi-Mums for the early stages. If you get cracked/bleeding nipples, they work WONDERS! Then the Lansinoh for later on.
    I was happy hiring a breast pump from the pharmacy when needed. I found that my first bub actually wouldn't take the bottle after a few months anyway, so was glad I hadn't forked out money for a pump of my own!
    Lots of towels. LOTS OF TOWELS. Man, I would make a good cow. Milk. Everywhere.
    Good luck!

  3. I can't say I have used any of these things except the comfy chair! When I was feeding Lior a lot I would wear those wide, light weight scarves a lot (yes, even in the middle of Summer!) and use them as a cover if I felt I needed it. And I never had a leakage problem or needed to express, so I didn't use those either.
    I'm not really sure what I would consider an essential breastfeeding item other than a really really good maternity bra! I just use a standard sort of one (Hestia I think) but it cost $70 and it is worth every penny!!

    I hope breastfeeding is really enjoyable for you this next time round, and comes really easy! As I'm hoping the same for me with the next round also!

  4. You sound totally organised to me!! I had a breastfeeding pillow - one of the ones that straps around your tummy! It was my absolute essential as after a while (and not too long at all) they start to get a bit heavy and this pillow really saved me from getting a dead arm xx

  5. The Bonds tanks are the best! I had two white and two black and I lived in them for about eight months!
    Lansinoh is great too...I still find tubes of it stashed in strange places around the house. And once you are done breastfeeding, Lansinoh is great for chapped lips!
    I had insane leakage problems too...I slept with a towel under me for a while...was an easy way to keep the sheets free of milk!
    And I would say a water bottle is key too...I always had one around when I was feeding...that and my iPhone!

  6. It is a boob saver for real!! Yeah I loved the milk trays, when I pumped, which wasn't all that much, but handy to have milk around for emergencies. I think a pillow would be handy too!!

  7. Oh I've never heard of Multi-Mums... I will investigate too. Trialling a breast pump for hire is a good idea, I know a lot of bubs that wouldn't take bottles! And yes SOOOO many TOWELS!!! The glamourous life of having milk EVERYWHERE!

  8. Oh a good bra is so worth it, they get a bit of a battering during breasfeeding. I think this time because I know what I'm doing, it should be a lot easier!

  9. I would love the double, I'm just not sure I can justify the $$... maybe I can find a good deal!

  10. Funnily enough I just used a cushion and propped my arm on the couch arm, but a lot of people have said that a pillow is on their essentials list!

  11. Oh yes I forgot how thirsty you get when your breastfeeding! Joel used to get up at night and make me a cup of tea, I doubt that will be happening this time around though!!

  12. I have the Medela advanced pump in style and it's worth its weight in gold!!

  13. This is what I hear.. I'm pretty much convinced I need to get my hands on one!! Thanks x Karen

  14. If you have a sewing machine, the breastfeeding cover is so easy to do. I made one for myself when I had the "nesting" instinct. :)