Maternity Style: 32 weeks A bit of Neon

Saturday, May 4, 2013
I've been really enjoying these maternity posts. I still feel awkward posing for the photos, and I still have to get Joel to take about a million photos before I get a few I am happy with. I'm always pulling weird faces, have several chins, the lighting is terrible or my body is just in a weird position. What I am enjoying so much though, is that at least once a week I go to a bit more effort when I get dressed in the morning. I put some makeup on, blow dry my hair and just basically feel good about myself after it is all done (until I critically analyse all the photos that is). With a toddler running around and feeling big and heavy these days I don't have a lot of time to spend on personal grooming, so these posts give me a little excuse! Plus it is a great record for myself of this pregnancy, it will be nice to look back on I think.

I hope that you are enjoying them as well! 

So, here we go again, Week 32... Once again you've flown by.

Dress: From Esther boutique, label says Imprint but I can't find it anywhere online.
Blazer: Silence & Noise (found Here)

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Karen xx

14 comments on "Maternity Style: 32 weeks A bit of Neon"
  1. MotherDownUnderMay 4, 2013 at 7:30 PM

    You look great!

    I love that dress.

    And that is exactly the reason why I like doing my Sunday Styles guarantees that one day a week I put some thought into my appearance. I too hate the photo part of it, but I love digging through my closet and feeling good about myself!

  2. OH EM GEE you really live in the most beautiful place! I mean, I live in Perth too but oh, to be by the water. I love that dress, even for non-pregnancy wear

  3. Shari WakefieldMay 6, 2013 at 5:36 PM

    You're looking great - and it still just seems so summery... I'm definitely in jumpers every day now down here in Canberra

  4. Thanks!! I feel so weird in the photos, but it is getting better!! It is nice to have an excuse, any excuse, to dress a little nicer!

  5. I feel pretty lucky that my folks have let us crash here while we built, it is like paradise, it will be hard to leave!!

  6. Thanks Shari !The weather just hasn't gotten cold here yet. I'm pining for some winter cold but it is just so warm all the time!

  7. You and your bump are adorable!! Love that dress! Great pics :-)

  8. You look great! I adore this dress! I take my photos with a remote, that way my boyfriend doesn't have to stand around waiting for me to approve of a photo haha


  9. You are glowing in that sunny yellow!

  10. That dress is absolutely amazing! And I totally understand having time for yourself. I am in the same boat with this pregnancy!

  11. Thanks!! And thanks for stopping by!! I'm a big fan of this dress now too, when I first tried it on I wasn't sure!

  12. Thanks! I've developed a fondness for yellow recently!! x Karen

  13. The things I took for granted the first pregnancy!! Ahh just to take an afternoon nap! Thanks x Karen