Eating Additive Free: The Trusted Trolley {Review & Giveaway}

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A few months ago I was contacted by the lovely ladies at The Trusted Trolley about doing a review of their website, and was given a 6 month subscription to take full advantage of what their site has to offer. I immediately jumped at the chance because they are doing something that I believe in and support. They are a group of WA Mums trying to make it easier for everyone (especially other parents) to know what is in the foods we are buying, and providing helpful information about understanding the harmful effects that many common additives have on our bodies. I mentioned in an earlier post (HERE) about how we have been trying to avoid additives and preservatives in our food and trying to eat 'clean'. It isn't always successful, and I'm fighting a losing battle against my cravings for malteasers in my very pregnant state. But on the most part, I want to know that what I am feeding my child isn't all hopped up on fake, unnecessary crap. So I think what they are doing is such a great resource for other time-poor parents like me!

Like most parents of young children I try to spend as little time at the supermarket as possible. When I do get the courage (or rather desperate need) to enter, I spend most of my time making car motor noises and doing fake burnouts with the trolley trying to keep a toddler appeased, in order to stop him from throwing all the food back out of the trolley again, or climbing out and running away from me down the aisles. This all happens whilst I'm trying to grab all the food on my list in as short as time span as possible. Usually I forget things, and I if I dare pause at a shelf to read a label, then all hell usually breaks loose. Often I'm so disappointed because I just have to give in and grab whatever 'looks' the best without actually being able to read what it contains, only to come home and realise that it is FULL of additives.

I would love to mosey on down the aisles, read every ingredient list, check every additive number and the corresponding meaning, but the reality is, unless by some miracle I get to go to the shops by myself,  this is not going to happen for many years to come.

This is where the ladies at The Trusted Trolley have been very handy!
Not only is their website full of really useful FREE information about additives and the effects they have on you and your children's bodies.

But, the most helpful part of this website I found is that they have also done the leg work for me, and they provide a great list of foods that are free from additives, this list is constantly being updated as well. This is their members only section, where you can subscribe ($4.66 a month) and gain access to this ever growing list of 'safe foods', which can then be added a printable shopping list to take with you while you shop.

It's a great resource when you have your meal lists written up and ready to go and then you can sit down and search through their lists to see if there are available products that you need for your list that are additive free. It helps to avoid that disappointment and frustration in the supermarket, and you can tweak your recipes or lists to makes sure you don't have any additives, bonus, you can do it all whilst your child/ren are not destroying the nicely stacked shelves of the supermarket!

I've found that not having the time to read the labels and research products to know what foods are 'safe' is one of the most challenging parts of trying to steer clear of additives, and it has often been my downfall. So this website has really helped to give me one place to research quickly and find the foods that are good for my family.

So make sure you check them out at & on Facebook

The Trusted Trolley are also generously giving away a 6 Month Subscription to the members only section of their website (Valued at $28)

So one lucky Yellow Dandy reader will have an opportunity to access the safe list of foods and other member benefits for six whole months.

To enter it is really easy, answer this question in the comment section below:

What do you find the most challenging about choosing additive free foods at the supermarket?

This is a game of skill, the best answer will win and the winner will be drawn by a panel of judges (myself, Joel and most likely my Mum too). 

To be eligible you must also follow Yellow Dandy on either Facebook, Twitter or Bloglovin, please let me know in your answer which platform you follow on. 
This competition closes on Tuesday 28th May at 8am Australian Western Standard time. 
The winner will be notified by email on that day.
It is only open to Australian residents as the product list is only really relevant in Australia. 

Karen xx

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16 comments on "Eating Additive Free: The Trusted Trolley {Review & Giveaway}"
  1. -GREAT- website! Wow! This is invaluable to people with intolerances, especially when you have children with intolerances. So many things (that you would never think) have those horrid numbers on them that it is disheartening and we end up just getting the same ole things we always get because we know that they are safe,

    Lemonade for example, Schwepes Lemonade (in the bottle) is the only one that is preservative free, and don't go thinking you can deviate from that one type because the Sugar Free version has 211 in it, and even if you buy cans of it, has the preserves in it.

    MSG and 'flavour enchancers' are in some surprising things too.

    This is a great website, thank you!

  2. Thank you for an interesting and relevant post! Like you shopping has become a rather stressful experience. I feel as though I am in that old Gladiator TV show some days! For me time is a barrier. I have also been trying to eat cleanly due to health issues and get so frustrated when I fall off that wagon after taking the quicker option. I will defintely be checking the website out.

  3. Leanne Shea LangdownMay 14, 2013 at 9:50 AM

    Cool! That is very interesting and a great resource!
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  4. What a great website! I know many mums would love it. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. As I suffer from food chemical intolerances, I have to be very specific in what I choose. The most challenging thing is definitely the time it takes to review the ingredients list and check the numbers against my intolerance list. It can be very frustrating particularly if you are at the Deli counter and it is very busy (who knew they added all those preservatives and such to cold meats!).
    This resource would be a blessing for me.
    Becc @ Take Charge Now

  6. What a great idea!!!! I have no idea about additives or preservatives, its something I am starting to look into!! great review!

  7. I didn't even know about this -shame on me, but thanks for sharing! Emily @ Have a laugh on me

  8. You know what? I'm ashamed to admit this but I never give additives a thought, because the idea of trying to find food without them sounds too hard and scary and time consuming. So I've adopted the idea that if I just ignore it, everything will be fine, which is craziness. Love the idea of this, knowing that I can easily discover the better stuff, and at least come some of the crap out

  9. I don't pay it much attention either, mainly because I am ignorant and don't know much about it and don't know how to start finding out more. Though obviously now I know how to find out more because I can go to this awesome website. Thanks for sharing

  10. Oh Karen, I know heaps of mums who would be into this. How fantastic is this idea! Hope you are going well in your pregnancy-not long now!!

  11. Patchwork Cactus - BabsMay 16, 2013 at 4:12 PM

    Have you been stalking me at Coles? You just described my shopping trips perfectly! Can't wait to meet you on Sat!

  12. I hate reading the labels - it's totally depressing. Especially when you discover how much sugar is in savoury items - what's that about?

  13. This is fantastic. You will see in my post I talk about me being one of those people in the isle checking labels because I'm very particular about what my son eats. I have found it terrifying seeing what is in some children's foods!

  14. I take forever to check the ingredients now and I like to know what the additives do too.It sounds a great resource for time poor mums.

    I follow on FB.

  15. We have five boys and each and every one of them has to eat Additive Free and Preservative Free or they climb the walls (and the Trees!!!) literally. So usually hubby does the shopping with his trusty Card of Numbers which tells him which ones to avoid. And all goes well, until we do take-away dinners...then it becomes hell once more!

  16. Congrats Rebecca!! You have won yourself a 6 month subscription. If you can email me ( your email address i'll send it on to the ladies at The Trusted Trolley!!!