In the kitchen with toddlers: Cheese & Vegemite Roll Ups

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

So, every time I go into the kitchen at the moment it is quickly followed by a little squeaky 2 year old voice demanding 'me help, me help' followed then by the screeching sound of a chair being slowly dragged over the tiles towards the kitchen bench. So, he like many toddlers loves to help in the kitchen, which is awesome (sometimes) and he wants to participate, which I love (sometimes), and I really don't want to make him feel disheartened and squash his love for helping me or making things in the kitchen.  So, in the limited time I have, I've been trying to make some really simple recipes with him, that mean he can actually help, we can have some good quality time and he can learn some simple skills as well! 

I got the idea from one of the other new to two bubs Mum's in my Mothers group! (thanks!!)
 Really simple little cheese and Vegemite pastry roll ups. 

What you need:
Puff Pastry
Cheese (whatever type you want)
Vegemite (or marmite if you are strange like that ;) 
A little bit of milk or egg

can you tell which ones I made? 

What you do:
- Spread the vegemite as evenly as possible across the pastry
- grate some cheese and spread that across too
-make 7 horizontal slices and one vertical evenly across the pastry
-then roll them up (but not too tight or the pastry in the middle wont cook properly)
- dab them with a bit of milk
- stick them in a pre-heated over of about 180 degrees for about 15 mins or until pastry is golden brown.
Like I said, so easy! They don't look that pretty, but they go down a treat! And what a fun little 20-30 minute activity to do with a toddler! 

7 comments on "In the kitchen with toddlers: Cheese & Vegemite Roll Ups"
  1. I can only too well imagine how having kids in the kitchen could turn out to be such a messy explosion of chaos! But you are teaching your son very valuable self help skills that will serve him well throughout life. The only thing I knew how to make when I left home was toast!

  2. great idea!!!! My little girl loves baking. this is so simple! must try x

  3. They look like a great idea! We'll have to try it (with substitutions).

  4. So cute!! I've made these with my kids too and they love it. I'm also one of the strange ones that likes marmite, lol!! x

  5. aww so cute! looks like a lovely idea to try with little ones :)

  6. Great idea. You have provided me with our Monday morning activity. I love encouraging my little 3 year old to cook, he is very enthusiastic, however, it can hard work :) It's good when we do it for fun in the morning. Not so good on the week night rush!

  7. Cooking with the kids is such a great thing to do. They love it, we get used to it and it occupies us all. It's great togetherness time - working on a project. x