Podcast Episode 4: Cross Cultural Marriage and Living in Another Country

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The forth episode of our podcast (Joel's and mine, our combined effort) is now live on iTunes. Yay!!

In this instalment we are talking about what it is like to be in a cross-cultural marriage  (he's the American, I'm an Aussie) and how no matter where you live, one, or both of you is always living in a different country to their homeland. Joel gives one or maybe more, it is hard to tell, tips on how to deal with living in a country that you didn't grow up in. We share some of our stories of our own experiences and have a good laugh while we are at it.

That is what this podcast is all about, just getting together and having a laugh at our expense!!

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5 comments on " Podcast Episode 4: Cross Cultural Marriage and Living in Another Country"
  1. I've never learned about Podcasts, yes I really need to get with the program! x

  2. A number of friends of mine have partners from different countries and it does make it so hard. In most cases with my friends they opt to live in a country that is home to neither of them, but in the middle of both.

  3. I have a cross-cultural relationship too (he's Italian, I'm Australian). It's far from easy and we don't have the same first language either. I think it's fantastic that you guys team up to make podcasts together. Whenever my Other Half and I try doing something together we end up nearly murdering each other! I've never used podcasts before because I'm not very technical now you've got me intrigued!

  4. Oh you have a Joel for a husband, me too! I don't know anything about podcasts, best get myself up to tech savvy speed with it all! But I can relate, my father was Portuguese, met my Mum on a P & O fairstar cruise (she was 19 and my Dad was a waiter). After Mum's return to Australia, she discovered she was pregnant with me, so my Grandfather promptly sent my Mum back on the cruise again to meet with Dad and sort this out!! They married in Sydney not long after, with an English translator for my Father, and then moved to Tasmania, where they remained married for 14 years. It was a huge transition for my Father, he had to learn the language, left all his family behind in Portugal and France, and with a young family, he wasn't able to visit them very often at all. He knew nothing of Australia before arriving here to live.
    I think the hardest choice for him, was after my parents divorced, his children all being in Tasmania, his family all in Europe. In the end he chose to stay in Tasmania, and I think he never regretted the choice he made.
    I think cross-cultural marriages work very well, but somebody always has to lose out in some way, particularly if a relationship falls apart. Which I'm sure yours won't!! x

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