Taking Stock

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Again, as always I am inspired by the lovely Pip at Meet Me At Mikes she is leading the way in taking stock, and so I decided to join in. I love the idea of taking stock! Of taking the time just to sit and reflect about where I am right now, so this week I am playing along. Taking some time out.. and tacking stock. I've had a busy day in the city, it was fun, but I'm exhausted. It is nice just to do something a bit different though. 
Making : Pom Poms, lots of them
Cooking :Only the basics, I've lost my cooking mojo
Drinking :  Fifth Leg, wine.
Reading: Nothing, I feel like I have no time to read
Wanting: Our house to hurry up and get finished
Looking: At Pinterest, inspiration for the house coming out of my ears.
Playing: The National.
Deciding:  Christmas presents, so glad we are doing Secret Santa again this year
Wishing:  I had unlimited time and funds to decorate our new house
Enjoying:  The summery nights and days
Waiting: To see how many people listen to our Podcast! Please listen!
Liking:Having a fun little venture to do with my husband (podcast)
Wondering: If my baby girl's cough is just a cough, or something more serious
Loving: My new necklace from Made on The Left, by Miscii
Pondering: How to make it onto the iTunes New and Noteworthy feature page
Considering: Cutting my hair short (like shoulder length) and going red again
Watching: Just watched 'The Way Way Back' movie. Love it, so much
Hoping:For more than 4 hours sleep at a time.
Marvelling: How well Willow is taking to solid food, she is loving it
Needing: Someone to come and clean my house, I just never seem to get it all done
Smelling: The sweet salty sea air.
Wearing: My maternity shorts still, hopefully not for much longer
Following: My classmates from Blog With Pip's great blogs! So many new ones to discover.
Noticing: Ezra's language skills improving every day, its amazing to listen to him!
Knowing: That I need to make the effort to get to bed earlier, but it never seems to happen.
Thinking: I need to go to bed
Feeling: Tired, but happy for a really great day. I love weekends
Admiring: All the pretty baby nurseries on Pinterest, makes me want the perfect one.
Buying: Toys, duplo and Octonauts related items
Getting:Excited about Joel having a month off over Christmas.
Bookmarking: Canva, I am using it almost every day for my blog.
Opening: A fresh tube of Natio moisturiser, the young one, the only one I like.
Giggling: Joel's story on our latest podcast about the crazy petrol station! Still makes me chuckle.
Feeling: Pretty lucky that these are my biggest worries and concerns in life. Its a good life, it really is. 
Do you like to take stock too? 

5 comments on "Taking Stock"
  1. What a lovely idea for a post, great way to just stop and think about where you really and what is happening. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful Sunday

  2. I need someone to come and clean my house too!!! I never seem to have time to get it all done. Wish I could justify having a cleaner!!! Lovely post!

  3. I know, that Pip is one clever cookie, I just couldn't resist joining in! I hope you had a lovely weekend!!

  4. I wish I could too!! I almost had the husband convinced, when my Mum piped up about never needing one and having 4 kids.. dang it!!!

  5. Sometimes I wish he would just be quiet though.. just for 5 minutes, and let me think! But, I do love how he tries to imitate everything. ha! No time to brush or style my hair and it keeps getting caught in little fingers!! Thanks for popping by! x