We're Building A House: The HOME stretch

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Proving that I'm working, I was sooo sore after that day! 
We are almost there! I can't believe it has taken me this long to do another house building update! So much for regular posts. So, so much has happened since the last time I shared about our progress (HERE). Tomorrow we are meeting our site foreman, at our house, to go over the final defects list and we get out Certificate of practical completion (or something like that)! Meaning; all the major work is done, and we just need to go over it and list out any defects or anything that needs fixing, which I don't think will be too much because we have gone pretty thoroughly through the house and mentioned any issues to our site supervisor along the way. We then make our final payment to the builder, and get the keys in our hot little hands! And BOOM Homeowners again!

It seems so simple!

If only it were. There are so many things to organize, and we still need to paint the whole place, although Joel and I have already put in a hard working Saturday while the kids were with Nan and Pop, and put a sealer coat on. We need to put the flooring down, and Joel then has to build a fence, and put the front and back decking on. Good thing he is so handy! Then there are blinds and lighting and of course getting everything connected, especially the internet, I cannot survive without the internet! AND then, the packing and the moving! Ugh the worst part! I'm feeling a little exhausted just thinking about it.

Don't get me wrong, I'm so excited about getting all moved in, I cannot wait to live in our new house, I feel like I've been counting down the days for a long time now, I just wish someone else would do all the work for me! But in the effort of conserving money we have opted to do a lot of the finishing off stuff ourselves, ask me in a month if I'm regretting that decision yet! Not that we have the money available even if I decided I didn't want to do it myself!

We are so close, just one last hard slog and we will get there! It's ok, I'm not afraid of a bit of hard work! As long as the kids let me get a good night sleep once in a while, and that has not been happening lately!

Lots of pictures to follow. Don't mind the dirty bathroom floors, it is a charcoal stone looking tile! And lots of kitchen and bathroom pictures because all the other rooms are basically just white and empty!!

Surfmist Garage door went on today! I also love our stackstone features! 

Kids bathroom. 
The cabinets are Laminex New Graphite, and the countertops are Essastone 
I love my kitchen! We had the option of two 600mm ovens or one 900mm, we chose the two because then we can cook veggies in one and meat in the other, or desserts it just gave us more options! 

All our tiling is the same. I love subway tile with dark grout I just couldn't pass it up. 

The cabinets are Laminex Bleached Wenge, they look even better than the sample!!


Walls, Roof, Windows, Doors, Cabinets OH YEAH!

We Have A Pad!

5 comments on "We're Building A House: The HOME stretch"
  1. Looking great! It will be so wonderful to get the keys and to call it home!

  2. I'm so excited, although as you know well, the hard work is just daunting!

  3. I am sooo ready to get those keys! Hopefully this week...eeeep

  4. Now is the hard part though!! Too many ideas of things to fill it with & not enough $$$! ;)