Sunday, February 23, 2014

In the chaos of our lives in the last couple of weeks, I've already fallen behind on my 52 portraits challenge. I had a feeling it might happen when the craziness of moving, building, teething and getting sick all came upon us. But, I'm back, and so here we are!

My sweet girl, she's approaching the eight month mark. She's commando crawling all over the place. I watch her just sitting and playing, focusing in on a toy and really studying it and becoming engrossed in it, she will sit and play sigh it for ages. That is something Ezra never did. As soon as he could move, he never sat still, he never played with toys, he just wanted to go. He was standing and 'cruising' on furniture at her age, it is pretty nice to have a second baby that is a little less gung-ho!

And this one, what a spunk! He is just growing up way to fast. He's out of nappies now, except for sleeping. There is something about that stage that makes him seem so much older.

Sometimes you wish they would just grow up, and then life would be a little easier, and then others I desperately want them to stay my sweet little babies!



1 comment on "8/52"
  1. Love how siblings can be so much the same, yet so very different