A Whale Inspired Retro Boys Room for Ez

Tuesday, February 4, 2014
Ez's New Room

With our new house only weeks away, I'm starting to get pretty excited! In my head I have all these grand ideas for interior decor, especially for my kids rooms! Unfortunately, my budget doesn't quite fit my dreams! But, that doesn't stop me from dreaming, planning and trying to get a little creative within our budget constraints. I actually love pouring over kids decor and getting inspiration, there is so much gorgeous stuff out there. So this week I decided to get it out of my head and down in front of me! 

I've been thinking about a Whale inspired room for Ezra, but I didn't want to make it to 'themey', but something that can easily be adapted as he grows older, and perhaps if he looses his love of whales! I already have the Oscar bed from Incy Interiors, I bought it months ago when they were having a huge sale. The desk is something I picked up from Ebay back before Ez was even born, and I recently bought the awesome watercolour whale print by Lauren Merrick. The lamp is a little expensive for me, I'm trying to find something similar that is around $40 but I'm not having much luck. 

 I've been avoiding getting a Polyvore account (how I made the above collage) for a long time, because I know that I would easily become obsessed... and I did. But sometimes you just need to get ideas out of your head and see them in front of you, and Polyvore is great for that, and much easier than Photoshop for me! Plus it keeps the links to all the products saved in an easy to access place. 

I can't seem to hold my love of interiors back anymore, so you will be seeing a bit more of my ideas around here! I hope you enjoy it!  

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Table lamp
$150 - beaconlighting.com.au

$130 - countryroad.com.au

Whale Pillows

White plastic patio chair
Walrus wall art

Dark blue throw pillow
$46 - finelittleday.com

Floating wall shelf
$25 - masters.com.au

Lucky Boy Sunday Purple Mr Bell Soft Toy | AlexandAlexa

Replica Anna Castelli Ferrieri Componibili 3 Round
$87 - mattblatt.com.au

Lauren Merrick Illustration
$26 - downthatlittlelane.com.au

ZIGZAC cushion
$69 - finelittleday.com

Anchor decals

Carramar carpet

Oscar Bed Dark Brown

11 comments on "A Whale Inspired Retro Boys Room for Ez"
  1. I have been adoring that Lauren Merrick whale for the longest time! I know it's not quite the same but have you seen this lamp? http://www.target.com.au/p/limited-editions-45cm-desk-lamp-twt2336-1/55023344

  2. It is so lovely in real life as well!! I love it!
    That lamp is perfect!! I actually looked at Targets lamps online and I didn't see this one!! Thanks Lila! xx

  3. That's okay I noticed it a while ago and liked it but don't have anywhere in our teeny house to fit it!

  4. LOVE LOVE this!! I'm in the process of doing up my boys room too and I could seriously spend hours looking at interiors, especially kids stuff (and kids clothes too). If only I had a limitless budget, lol x

  5. So cute! Love the ideas! I am just not arty when it comes to home decor at all. Maybe if we ever need redecorating, I'll come ask you for help instead? :)

  6. It is sooo addictive!! I found it really hard to narrow it down to a style and theme, I wanted EVERYTHING! I need to have like 10 kids to make rooms for haha!

  7. Yes!! I'd love to help! Its what I dream of haha! x

  8. That's very cool, I'm stuck with that to do with my boys rooms, there is NO spare space to do anything but it's so babyish still! I want that chair for myself!

  9. Great ideas. It's so fun imagining what you can do with a new space. I am trying to organise a baby room now, and it's hard to incorporate the old family 15 year old hand made cot into me blue/black/white theme. Poor baby... I know! #teamIBOT ;)

  10. That is going to be one mighty gorgeous room hun. I have a slight addiction to Polyvore that I had forgotten about until you just reminded me haha xx

  11. Polyvore is a drug. I had to give it up so I could concentrate on my Pinterest addiction... x