Dear Teeth, Please break through.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012
I have had all of these grand ideas for creative blog posts, I have ideas coming out of my ears. Someone else this week so far, has had other plans. The last few days have been the worst teething days we have had yet. Ezra already has six teeth, but it feels like this next lot of teeth have been causing discomfort for about a month. Since Sunday they hit a whole new level of ouchiness (yep, it is that painful it requires the use of a made up word)

The poor kid has been in so much pain. I know something is wrong when he sits still on my lap and watches tv, munching on a cruskit or an icecube in his mesh thing. Usually he isn't interested in tv or sitting still.

Before I became a Mum I heard people talk about teething, but didn't give it much thought. I was so naive. I thought the process of getting the top front teeth was bad, but this round (I think two more bottom teeth and perhaps top canines seem to be almost through and is it too early for molars? - I know the order is supposedly wrong) is horrendous.

I just want my happy baby back, I feel so terrible for him. I haven't been able to get much done, but that's ok, my number one job this week is chief cuddle provider. I am glad however that I am still breastfeeding, such an easy way to offer some pain relief and comfort.

So, here goes.

Dear Ezra's Teeth,

Please hurry up and break through the gums. Please stop hurting my baby. Please let us all get a good rest. Is it because he inherited really big teeth from his parents?

I know you are necessary but right now I dislike you a lot,


Ezra's exhausted Mum.

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