Dreaming of a new Summer Style!

Thursday, June 21, 2012
My evenings are my down time, as with most people. I can never just veg out and watch TV or a movie, I have to be multi-tasking. I guess I feel like the time is too valuable. So I watch TVor a movie and blog or go shopping online, or do something crafty like embroidery. I think Joel gets a little frustrated at me, because we will sit down to watch a movie, and then he thinks I am not really watching it. I am, its because Women are so great at multi-tasking!

Well last night I was online window shopping. I just fell absolutely in love with these clothes and the style, and the price. This is the Tuscan Sun line from Shop Ruche.  It made me want to throw away everything in my wardrobe and start again next summer. Maybe I will.

This was a really dangerous find, I just want to buy EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING. Good thing it is all pretty affordable and all pieces are under $50 (USD) but the shipping costs to Australia I think are a little steep.
You can see the rest of the collection HERE

Hope you liked it as much as me,

Karen xx
2 comments on "Dreaming of a new Summer Style!"
  1. The photos are amazing! Something to aspire to for sure. The Internet is a dangerous place for my bank account!

  2. I want them all too. Gorgeous, gorgeous clothes. I love the photos too. Rachel