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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I am finally back on the embroidery band wagon. After too long without really stitching anything, I have started the process of getting calluses on my fingers again. So this is my little contribution. I think I might keep it for myself to hang in my 'study' area. Just as a constant reminder to myself to focus on the things that I love and am passionate about.

I know that so many people don't get the option to 'Do what they love' it might be because of circumstances, the country they were born it, money, disabilities, lack of opportunity, responsibilities, choices made years ago, afraid of failure, family support, race, gender and a whole range of other things that make it more difficult.

I was watching the season finale of Mad Men last night, oh man this season has been so good! Anyway in this episode Meghan's (Don's Wife) Mother said to her:

“Not every little girl gets to do what they want. The world could not support that many ballerinas.”

It struck a nerve with me, because I think we should be able to follow our dreams. So what I say is: You only get one life, so make it the best life you can. And along the way help others to follow their dreams too. 

If you're working for a job that you hate, or you're not in the place that you want to be, and it is seeping into every other aspect of your life, start to plan on how you can change your circumstances and reach the place where you get to 'Do what you love!' It often takes sacrifice, I know this, I did a job that I loved once that didn't pay a single cent, I did it for almost 4 years. I've been lucky lately because I have a husband to support me in doing what I love, because he earns most of the money, I loved my last job it didn't pay a whole lot, and it wasn't full time, but I loved it, because it was fulfilling and meaningful and I know that by doing it I literally saved lives.  But I know not everyone has this option.

It often takes Courage, putting yourself out there, and stepping out into the unknown. I did this at 18 when I bought a one way ticket across the country, leaving everything and everyone I knew behind. We did this just after we got married when we just packed up and moved countries, then decided to move states after that, before moving countries again a couple years later. We didn't know what to expect, and it was a massive step.

But it will be worth it! I believe in living a life that fulfils you and is meaningful.
Do you have a plan? Do you have a dream? What is stopping you from reaching it?

I often think to myself, when I am 80 years old and I look back at my life, what do I want to think about it? That I should've, could've, would've but I didn't. Or that I took a leap of faith, and took on a challenge and lived a fulfilling, meaningful life that I loved.

I am a firm believer that Goals and Aspirations in life are extremely important, and so are the steps that get you there. Moving forward, step by step, to live the life you want, so you can Do what you Love.

I didn't really plan for this post to turn out like this, but it is truly something I have been thinking about a lot lately, and so it feels good to get it written down. I hope that you enjoy!

I would love to hear some of your dreams and what Doing What you love means to you!

Karen xx

2 comments on "Do What You Love"
  1. LOVE what you say! 

    I kind of forgotten about my dream, somehow... But I like what am I now, if you ask me. Busy, yet contented:).

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment, I'm glad you love it, I think its a good motto to live by. It is a nice feeling to be contented and I know Dreams also tend to change and evolve as we change. T