Family Dinner: Veggieful Quiche

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Surprise, Surprise!! I have yet another Vegetarian meal for you. This Quiche is quick and easy to make and great for the whole family (including toddlers: mine had no problem digging in). Even the pastry is so simple. I had actually never made Quiche pastry before trying this one, so if I can do it! You can to. I made a big one so that we would have leftovers for lunch the next day. Even though I post a lot of recipes, I actually don't enjoy cooking as much as some. I like simple things, making the minimal amount of meals a week, and if don't have to think about lunch the next day, then thats even better!

The thing I really like about this recipe is how much flavour the quiche has, and there isn't very much salt and no butter! But, look how stuffed full of Veggies it is!! YUMMMMM!!


1 cup plain flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup olive oil (I used grape seed oil)
1/4 cup cold water (from fridge)

1/2 red capsicum (peppers)
5 button mushrooms
Handful spinach
1/2 onion
1/2 zucchini
Splash of milk
6 eggs
1/2 cup of cheese
Handful coriander leaves (cilantro)

For the base, (really, really simple!)
Mix flour and salt in a bowl.
In a separate bowl add the olive oil and cold water, and then whisk it. It gets thicker!
Then add it to the flour and salt
Stir it in a bit, and then I gave up with the spoon and just used my hands to make a ball of dough.
I rolled it out with a rolling pin, and placed it in the quiche pan and pressed it firmly around the edges.

For the filling:
Add the 6 eggs to a separate bowl, and just hand whisk them for a couple of minutes
Chop all the other ingredients (minus the cheese and coriander) and add them to the eggs
Pour this whole mixture into the quiche pan, on top of the pastry.
Then place the coriander and cheese on top
Stick it in the oven at 180 for around 35-40 minutes or until it is cooked through, and browning a little on top.

I'm linking up with Stacey at The Veggie Mama for Meatless Monday too!!

Have a great day, come and visit again soon! Please! 

Karen xx 

3 comments on "Family Dinner: Veggieful Quiche "
  1. Love your quiche tin. Is it non-stick?

  2. It is non-stick. It's a great dish, I wish it was mine, but its my Mums and I have no idea where she got it!

  3. What is a capsicum pepper? A special kind of red pepper? Also, do I have to put cilantro on it? Not my favorite! Last thing!
    What kind of cheese do you use? Shredded ? I don’t have a quiche tin. Can I use a glass or metal pie pan??
    Sorry about all the questions!!! Just want to make it right!
    Sharon M.