Moving On

Sunday, March 3, 2013
Our old cottage
It's been a week since we moved. What a full on day, we decided based on financial reasons that it would be more viable for us to move ourselves and just hire a rental truck. Obviously, I couldn't help with much of the lifting, so we engaged the help of some of our friends, who were a HUGE help and massive blessing to us. I tidied and cleaned, without my little helper, who my Mum came and picked up. We managed to get it all done in one day. Well, almost, Joel didn't finish until after midnight. He was so exhausted, but knowing that we didn't have to go back and finish anything off on Sunday was a huge relief.

It's so weird thinking that someone else is now in our house. We were both a bit sad, thinking of all the blood, sweat and tears that went into making that house our home. We did so many renovations and projects in that old cottage, it was our work, our ideas and things we loved, so in many ways it was pretty emotional to walk out for the last time, knowing that we will probably never go back inside.

We moved in with my parents, who live about an hour south of where our old house is. An hour isn't a long way, but our old local places are no longer local, and we're trying to figure out where we can find the stuff that we are used to. Joel even stopped by our old local IGA to pick up with brand of Mexican food we love, because I can't find it around here, I told him to stock up. I am looking to find new local friends, and a playgroup for Ezra, it feels a little like starting over again, and that is a little hard.

Although, I love where we are living now. It is quiet, and it's beautiful. We can walk to the beach, and have a canal right out the back yard, with a little man made beach perfect for toddlers. We spend so much more time outdoors, and having no real yard forces us to go for walks with Angus during the day, which is great, because it is such a nice place to walk around.

We know we made the right decision. It was time to leave, and move on to the next step. Our block is almost ready for building, and we are excited about creating a new home for our growing family.
Change is always hard, but after all our moves and big life decisions, I have learnt to embrace change, and face it head on, because there are always wonderful things and people to discover!

Have you had to say goodbye to a house or place that was dear to you?

Karen x

1 comment on "Moving On"
  1. Your in between place looks great!

    We are still in our first house...I can't even imagine leaving it!
    The people who owned it before us stop in frequently to check up on it and to see what we have done...I love that continuity and I love that every time they stop in they remember some other story from days gone by!