My Maternity Style Wish List

Friday, March 1, 2013
Seeing good, comfortable and stylish maternity clothing has been on my mind a lot lately, as I am quickly running out of clothes to wear that I actually like, I thought as I was perusing the inter-web I would make a collection of some of the clothes I would LOVE to buy for this pregnancy. Finding good maternity clothes can be such a challenge, and it can be really expensive. I try to avoid the huge price tags and just find stuff that I feel good in.  So here is my list. Number 4 I already bought earlier this week because Esther clothing was having a half price sale, and I am anxiously awaiting its arrival in the post. Number 1 I bought a couple of months ago and wore while we were on holidays on the chilly evenings, they are soooo comfy and I think they look pretty good too! 
(I'm also hoping Joel reads this, because my birthday is coming up next month too!!) 

1. Powder blue Maternity Skinny Capri's from Jeans West $29.99 (or 2 for $50)
2. Deena & Ozzy Sandals from Urban Outfitters $29.95
3. Sass Jordan Space Leggings from Myer $39.95
4. Esther Bambi Maxi Dress $39.00
5. Topshop Maternity Wing Burnout Sweat $42.00
6. MinkPink Dance till I'm Dead tank from $44.99
7. ASOS Maternity Supersoft skinny jeans $39.42
8. ASOS Maternity Woven Singlet $26.22
9. Ecote Intarsia Cardigan from Urban Outfitters $69.00
10. Sparkle and Fade knit maxi skirt from Urban Outfitters $44.00
11. ASOS Maternity Skater Dress $36.13
12. Toms Silver Crochet Classics $58 (USD)

10 comments on "My Maternity Style Wish List"
  1. Great picks!
    I want 11 and 12 for my non pregnant self!

  2. Housewife in HeelsMarch 1, 2013 at 10:57 AM

    Congrats on the pregnancy! Love the outfits... I'm not pregnant, but want the jumper with wings- sometimes I feel like I could do with a pair x

  3. I read somewhere when I was pregnant with Mia not to spend too much on heaps of maternity clothes, but if you intended on being pregnant more than once to invest in some high-quality clothes that would stand the test of time and make it through a second or subsequent pregnancy and I am so glad I did that. My Pumpkin Patch maternity jeans and a couple of tops/dresses that I bought from Mothercare, while pricey, are really coming in handy for this pregnancy and I know if we were to have a third they would make it through to that one too.

    Love that dress in number 11, its gorgeous!

  4. I tried to pick things that I can wear post pregnancy too!! And just if Toms weren't so pricey to ship to Aus!

  5. I know I'm thinking about ordering that dress right now because they have such low stock available!! Wouldn't want to miss out, I think that is a good excuse!

  6. I still have my maternity stuff from my first pregnancy, but I wore them so much I really don't like it that much anymore. I threw my jeans away because I wore them to death!!

  7. Thanks xx I love that most of this stuff can easily be worn without a bump too!! I could do with a pair too!

  8. All lovely!
    I found my mat jeans a great investment. There's just so much out there these days.

  9. I love them all! I bought mostly cheap and nasty prego clothes and begged and borrowed lots too and HATED THEIR GUTS at the end of both pregnancies. I hope I never set eyes on them again haha.