Maternity Style: 27 weeks Harem Pants

Sunday, March 31, 2013

The bump is growing!! I've had a couple of people this week act surprised when I told them I was only 27 weeks, which has made me a little more self conscious about my size, and starting to get me worrying about how much more growing I still have to go.  I definitely feel bigger, earlier this time around, apparently I look it as well. I am starting to feel like that energy from the 2nd trimester is starting to fade and I'm feeling that tiredness again, I just want to nap all the time. 
These harem pants pictured were one of those purchases that you see on the rack and think, 'this could either go really well, or really badly.' Thankfully, I had a couple of girls at the store with me to encourage my purchase, otherwise I may have just walked away. They aren't specifically maternity pants, but the waist goes up over my belly, which is perfect. The best thing about them is how comfy they are. That is really my goal this pregnancy, to be as comfortable as possible!! Plus they will work for post-labour as well, they feel like pj's but look a lot nicer! 

I had to endure the horrible glucose tolerance test earlier this week. They are now making everyone (In West Oz at least I don't know about everywhere else) do the full 2 hour test, instead of the 1 hour. Meaning I had to fast for 12 hours and then go and chug down that horrid green sugary drink. I spent the next two hours sitting in the waiting room of the pathology place trying not to throw up. The fast food ads that kept coming on the radio were making me gag. I had this grand plan to get some blogging done and be productive, but instead I just stared queasily at gossip magazines because I didn't feel I could concentrate very well. 

I hope everyone is having a great Easter break! I know I have been feeling really relaxed and am just enjoying being with my family, more on that later! For now, for me, it is bed time. 


Top: Billabong found HERE
Pants: Billabong as well, found HERE

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3 comments on "Maternity Style: 27 weeks Harem Pants"
  1. I love harem pants.
    I bought quite a few pairs when I was pregnant and I became so addicted that I still wear them!
    And I now look for "fancy" harem pants...I have a yellow silk pair for special occasions!

  2. I think I am addicted already! I need to find a few more pairs. Ohh and silk sounds good!! Fancy comfy pants perfect!

  3. I pretty much need these pants!!