Advice Wanted!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010
Here are some more of my embroidery hoop wall art, they are all hand stitched and drawn and designed by me. I am looking at setting myself up an Etsy and Madeit stores online so that I can start to see if I can sell some of this, but I need opinions, and honest ones. Please let me know from the below which ones you like the best and which ones you think are not that great, it will help me decide on what sort of designs to pursue! (p.s you can see my awesome new quilt cover in the picture back grounds, I love love love it!)

The edges will be tucked in and glued down....
1962 Ford pickup truck... for the car buffs out there, I like making tough guy things look girly! haha
This is one of my favourites, just cute..
I love tea, maybe it is the English influence, or my Scottish heritage, but I never really can say no to a cup of tea! With milk of course.

I just realised this one isn't completely finished, the baby owl still needs a beak.

This one was inspired by my American friend Chelsea, who when coming to visit was obsessed with Kangaroo's, so here it is...

This is just a face, classy chick... I just like this style of face, I have been drawing faces as long as I can remember so this is an obvious design for me.

Please leave comments and let me know what you think! Enjoy!
2 comments on "Advice Wanted!"
  1. The swing is the best. One thing to keep in mind is keep your stitches small, that actually makes a "cleaner" line. Good luck! Jill

  2. hi karen, Denise here:

    I definitely like your faces best, and I can picture you doing a group of them, each in a separate hoop and hanging them together. Friends...hanging together! FACEHOOP!

    You could do them like the old sketch artists at the boardwalk/beach--but with needle instead of chalk:work from pictures uploaded to your site: do family groups, friend groups.. You can start with you, Joel and Angus--I'll bid on that set.

    There are a lot of puns that could fit the project... get joel's old lipper genes going... friends, in the loop. friends going through hoops. You could also do husband looking at wife--but then when the couple's having a bad day, they can switch places on the wall--now husband back to back with wife... let's kiss and make right! not that your parents in law need anything like that--the idea I think came from a pair of ducks we had carved in Korea that were to show how a Korean couple was feeling day to day about each other.

    One more idea: when I was a child my mom had a smiley faced elephant on the wall in my room, but when I did something bad, the worst thing I faced was having the elephant turned to the other side, to show his big frown. You could do some sort of nursery school room art--keep the kangaroos smiling! or whatever, now back to you.

    from somewhere in africa!