Thursday, August 12, 2010
So I went to Ikea the other day, and it is just one of those places that when you go in it is hard to come out empty handed. One of the main things that I was shopping for was curtains, in our old cottage we had these curtains covering the front and side doors and I didn't really pay much attention to them, until we had friends coming to visit. Isn't it always the way. They were gross, faded and yuck, I couldn't ignore them anymore.

At IKEA the curtains were pretty expensive and they weren't what I was looking for, and then I stumbled across their material section and JACKPOT!I Love, Love, Love this design, the outlines of wolves and deer and birdys, so cute.
So thus my new curtains. And IKEA makes things really easy for people like me who are are incompetent with a sewing machine. They have these great iron on strips that you can used instead of sewing, makes it so easy! Simply fold and iron and it even stays when put through the washing machine.

That is one of the things I love about IKEA, they seem to think of making everything do-able without having a whole lot of skill.

I love the way my new curtains look, the only problem now is that the white curtain really makes the gross door colour stand out, seems like I have a new project to work on... painting my doors. I have a couple of other projects I am working on with this same material as well.
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