Monday, August 16, 2010
Two and a half years ago we stumbled across this gorgeous little pup, who looked like a baby Hippo...
Name: Angus P. Wrinkles (the P doesn't stand for anything)
Breed: Chinese Shar Pei
Favourite Foods: Toast, lamb, kangaroo, apples, mandarins and ginger
Favourite Toys: A sock with two tennis balls in it, nicknamed Roger Federer.
Naughtiest Deed: Escaping from my folks back patio and running around the suburb whilst they were out.
Cutest Moments: Whenever I get the hiccups he comes and sits next to me and puts his paw on me and wants to make sure I am ok.
Favourite Activity: Walking, sniffing long grass, doing "fast run" on his track around the front yard, playing with his dog buddies.

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