Spring has almost Sprung...

Friday, August 27, 2010
In the southern hemisphere it is starting to warm up and for the next couple of months we will be in Spring, which doesn't last that long because pretty soon it is going to be sweltering 40 plus degrees temps. For now, I am loving the thought of spring. I have starting planting veggies again for this season, my veggie patch was a bit of a mess and still needs a lot of tidying up and replanting. Here is a quick peek of my veggie gardens as they stand.

We call these capsicum, in other places they are called "peppers" they have been great, growing all through the winter and from last autumn and summer, just keep going and going. We also have about Eggplant plants, and we can't eat as much as they are producing at the moment, it took them a while to get going but now they are outa control.

These weird plants are brussel sprouts, ewwww I hate them. But Joel LOVES them, I must say I tried one last night from the garden, and they didn't taste too bad, must be because they are organic and fresh!
My new babies, cherry and regular tomato plants! Hoping they bring us a great harvest like the plants last year. Last year I made the rookie mistake of letting the tomatoes grow out of control and so I had to rip them all out. When I was preparing the patch for new plants and getting rid of all the weeds earlier this week I stumbled across a nice surprise. A new tomato plant had seeded itself and was already growing a few little cherry tomatoes!! It was hiding behind the Eggplant, I wonder how that happened!
More planting will happen this weekend!! I love having my own veggies!!

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  1. Ask Joel if he remembers thinking eggplants grew real eggs! Yes - I remember when he was little and mom was growing them. That's what he thought!