Monday, August 16, 2010
In old houses in Australia they often have a back area called a "sleep out" which is really like a back porch with the laundry and a bedroom off the back of the house. For two and a half years we have been living with this back porch partially enclosed with just a security door and lattice. Meaning that when you go out to use the toilet, it is like going outside! Either sooo cold in the winter or boiling in the Summer.

Finally last week we had a chippy (carpenter) come in and finish off our back area. Honestly I am so excited about the fact that it actually feels like a real room. We are planning on turning it into a study so that we can have three actual bedrooms in our house, not two and a study. By study I am hoping to make it less office-like and more cute and include space for me to have a mini workshop for my hobbies!

We got a steal of a deal on our new window, picked up from a salvage yard for a measley $250. Only a few more steps to go, because it is a back porch it is sloped. Luckily hubby is in the flooring trade so the rest of it will be d.i.y renovations.

As much as I love our old cottage home, there is always, always something to renovate!
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