Heart Attack Moment

Wednesday, November 16, 2011
After having our Solar panels installed a few months ago, Western Power finally came around to change our meter over. About an hour after they left,  I let Angus out the front for a few minutes before I was going to take off for my weekly Mothers group.  I went out the front to get him,  and I couldn't see him. I looked at the gate on the side of our fence, and my heart sunk.

The electricity people had left the gate wide open. I knew then, that I should have checked before letting Angus out, and now he was gone. The yard was dogless.

We live on a fairly busy street, two lanes going each way.

Every terrible scenario ran through my head. He could have gotten hit, or taken, or maybe he's lying hurt somewhere. He wasn't even wearing his collar (but he is micro-chipped). I called Joel in a panic, he said he would be on his way. Ezra was asleep inside so I couldn't venture far. I ran down the footpath, and tried to catch a glance of him at the oval across the road. After no luck, I went inside grabbed Ezra, plopped him in the pram and took off on a frantic search. Empty collar and lead in hand. I was distraught, I needed to find my Angie dog.

I went to walk back into our suburb, but instead I changed directions and decided to head across the road towards the park. As I was waiting at the road to cross, who should I see but Angus, oblivious, running toward the house (but on the other side of the four lane road), he probably got thirsty and decided to come home. Panic. I needed to stop him, or there was a pretty strong possibility he would get hit by a car. I frantically ran across the road, trying to stop cars, waving my arms like a crazy person, but I knew I didn't have much time,  finally I made it and ran straight down to the park, pram and Ezra in tow. Angus heard me yelling for him, veered away from the road and ran to me. Just in time. I grabbed him, got his collar and lead on and made sure he wasn't going anywhere. He was just happy to see us, he loved his adventure in the park.

He was a very lucky dog, he made it across that road once alone, I'm not sure if he would have been able to do it twice. He has no road sense, and he likes to chase trailers.

You know those moments when you realise that something really terrible could have happened. That you are so lucky that everything ended up ok, and it makes you so grateful. I know that the same scenario doesn't always pan out that way. I love my Angus, he is a massive part of our family, he was our baby before we had a baby. I don't know what I would have done if I had lost him.

So the moral of the story is.. Leave a gate the way you found it!! Simple really... then you won't cause people like me to have a heart attack moment.
10 comments on "Heart Attack Moment"
  1. Hi karen

    So good to know he was safe and well - isn't it a heart in your throat feeling when things almost go terribly wrong!

    you all have a wonderful day

    loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


  2. Karen I am so happy that Angus is okay and had a fun little adventure. When I was at my sisters house the water guy left the gate open and I was going out to take her dog for a walk but didn't have the lead on him yet and he sure did bolt out that gate! I was running after him like a mad women screaming my sisters name to come follow me. Thankfully he was distracted by a cat before he got to the busy street because I am sure he would of got hit.
    It's funny how animals have no sense of danger sometimes. ha ha.
    Happy to hear that you are all safe. Have a wonderful weekend.
    Much Love,

  3. I'm so glad Angus's adventure had a happy ending! My heart was in my throat as I was reading your post and I was petting my girl at the same time.

  4. oh my goodness!! That's so scary and I'm so glad Angus was okay!!! Big hugs, that's happened with my dog Lola a few times and I totally freaked out... stopping cars, crying and calling her name and so scared at what could have happened. It was the best feeling to get her home safe and be grateful that nothing did happen! Big hugs to you and your family!

  5. awww! i'm glad he is okay. he is a cute dog! i was imagining this with my own dogs and i would have been freaking out. they actually both escaped today! haha! but they both returned safely back to our carport before we got home to look for them. :) glad angus is back!

  6. Oh no! I'm glad Angus is now home safely with you! So scary when something like that happens! Hope you have a good day - complete with closed fences! :)

  7. I'm glad Angus is ok! I'm glad you found him in time. :)

  8. I'm so glad your pup made it home okay! big sigh of relief!

  9. I'm glad all is well he is a very cute doggie xo

  10. What a relief he's okay! He's SUCH a gorgeous dog.