I think I found my dream house!

Friday, November 4, 2011

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 How amazing is this? This isn't my dream house, but I thought it was pretty fab anyway. Plus the outside is made from burnt Cedar planking. The entrance is a ladder. Have fun getting the groceries up there!

I was browsing a real estate app yesterday, as I do from time to time, and something caught my eye.

I texted hubs right away with the link.

He sent back immediately that he was going to ring the realtor. 

It was under contract. boo

The whole process got me thinking. We haven't really been thinking too seriously about moving, selling or renting our house out. Seeing this great house, made me so ready to move. It had a massive block, and a pool and was only 500m from the beach, and was so affordable.
I love our little house. It is very quaint and old. But what if I could have what I really wanted in a house, and a bigger house to accomodate a growing family. 

My dream house, or at least one that I can see ourselves in for the next 10 or so years, is a wood framed Cedar home (which isn't common around here). I would love an ensuite (our house is 1 bathroom) and a big backyard instead of a big front yard where the whole world can see what your doing. I would love to walk to the beach (we only live about 3kms from the beach now, so technically I could walk there). We might buy a block and build our own some time.

We might be at the beginning of getting this house ready for the next step. 

It kind of makes me sad. I love this old house. After 4 years, sadly I think its time might be up.
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