It is beautiful: In my mind

Sunday, November 13, 2011

In my mind my vegetable garden looks like this.
Fresh, green, organised, weedless, and just plain beautiful.

In reality, right now, it looks like this

Not so beautiful, also take note of our depleted grass.
Our garden needs a lot of love and attention.
Oh remember the days when we had "spare" time. It wasn't that long ago.

Is there some things that you are dreaming about tidying, fixing up, renovating, beautifying?
This is just one of the many things in my house that need some attention.

5 comments on "It is beautiful: In my mind"
  1. I love your blog; seriously. I always find stuff here to inspire me. This is why I am awarding you the Sunshine award. Please find the details and collect your award at

  2. Oh Thank you, that is really sweet, I will check it out!

  3. Your garden looks like mine! I wish I had more time to tend to it. I was hopping around the blogosphere and found you. :) I really love your blog--lots of great stuff here. I'm now following.

  4. My room. I am constantly wishing that my room (and apartment in general, let's be honest) would stay in order. But the truth is, it makes the days that my apt IS clean that much more special. :)


  5. You should see my "garden." It's not much different than yours, and this isn't the first year its looked like that. I don't know what is that keeps me from maintaining it because I'd rather not have one unless it looks like your first picture, but then when I is a mess!!!!