Smash It

Monday, November 28, 2011
I discovered these Smash Journals from K & Company, a couple of weeks ago, and thought they were a really good idea.
I really enjoy Scrapbooking, but sometimes I don't have the time or inspiration to do a full page layout. I like the idea that you can scrap as you go and just "smash " it all in, it doesn't have to be perfect, and messy works! T
I bought myself a couple because I wanted to keep records of my first year as a Mum, and because I have less spare time than I used to, this is a good way to be creative without being overly time consuming. I haven't started "smashing" yet, but I will provide pictures when I do. he pages are filled with different designs, and I also got a couple of smash pads and stickers for some extra inspiration if I have a creative block.

I am so excited about filling the lovely pages with pretty things!

Does anyone else Smash??

5 comments on "Smash It"
  1. I love the SmashIt journals!! My girls & I are planning to make our own though (we have so much paper, vellum, pockets, etc we want to include!) Enjoy! =)

  2. i love these journals!! i am such a journal whore ;)

  3. I think these journals are so so fun!! Enjoy!

  4. Never heard of these...I guess I'll have to try them!

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