Why I love where I live: Freo

Sunday, November 20, 2011
Although we live in Perth, technically, and more specifically we live in Fremantle.
Or Freo as we all lovingly call it. It is pretty laid back, there is an interesting mix of people, and it has some character to it! We like to differentiate Freo from Perth, because they really are two different cities.

The weather on Sunday was perfect, not too hot, not cold at all. The lovely breeze, the Fremantle doctor, as it has been dubbed, because it comes in most afternoons to bring a cool relief to it's residents, was gently blowing.

We decided to head into town , and because I am usually at home with a baby and not to up with what is going on around town, I forgot that it was the Fremantle Festival. What a nice surprise.
My boys!!

This is a sticky tape maze!
Fair Trade Coffee for a $1 donation! (although I think I'm one of the only people in the world that doesn't like coffee)
Street performers
This was my favourite, the street filled with kids and adults alike making massive bubbles.
I don't know why but bubbles always make me smile, maybe they just remind me of great times as a kid.

I spent 7 years living away from "home", I have now been back for just over 4 years.
I love where I live!

What did you get up to this weekend? I hope it was fun and relaxing!

5 comments on "Why I love where I live: Freo"
  1. It looks like you live in such a beautiful place! I grew up in Montana... It wasn't until I moved home from college that I could really appreciate the beauty of where I live. It's not too big, but it is by no means a small town in the middle of nowhere. Even though I want to move away for a little while, out of country or even across the United States, I am pretty sure I will return to my home town when I am ready to start and raise a family.

    p.s. I am very intrigued by that sticky tape maze!

    Happy new follower of your blog (can't wait to check out all of your beautiful crafts and stories) thanks to Freckled Nest.
    Hope you have an amazing weekend. <3


  2. Lovely blog, stopping by from Freckled Nest! :)

  3. Love the photos of your little town, it's so cute and your photography is amazing! Glad I found it via Freckled Nest.

    -Rachel www.rachelbraedyn.com

  4. Oh.....I am so jealous that you live in that beautiful country, Karen! It's been someplace where I've always wanted to visit. :) It was so much fun to see the town where you live! Thanks for sharing! Keep those photos coming!

    xoxo laurie

  5. Hello, visiting from FreckledNest :)

    I love a good festival and this looks like fun. :) I've also recently finished reading Bill Bryson's book 'Down Under' and have learned so much about Australia..it's exciting to see and read more about from people living there. :)