5 Reasons I Hate Instagram

Saturday, July 14, 2012
1. As I sit here freezing cold, looking at rainy skies, my friends in the Northern hemisphere are inundating Instagram with glorious pictures of Summer. I am so jealous, these pictures of swimming, beaches, summer drinks and all sorts of stuff I'd rather be doing. Summer is my favorite, it seems like everyone is just rubbing it in my face.

2. My Instagram feed is full of delicious food. It makes me hungry and want to eat all the time. This is not good for my budget and for my waistline. It doesn't help me people!!!

3. Babies, lots and lots of pictures of babies and kids. That are too far away for me to cuddle and play with. It makes my heart sad to think some of my dearest friends have these gorgeous kids that I have never met, or have spent brief amounts of time with. I know Ezra would have so much fun with these awesome kiddos as well.

4. Gorgeous locations. Instagram makes me want to drop everything and travel around the world. Some amazing pictures of far away places fill my feed and it makes me pine to get on a plane again and go on an adventure. Unfortunately, pining is all I will be doing right now, so I'll just sit here and wallow shall I.

5. I see pictures of our friends out for dinner or doing something fun, and there's something missing. We are. So many of our closest friends are too far away to just 'hang out' with. I wish that I could teleport to join them for an evening or a party or just lazing on the couch. Instagram is a constant reminder of how far away we are in Perth, and how amazing my friends are!! Sob, Sob.

Ok so I really LOVE Instagram for all of these reasons too. I am so glad that I get a glimpse into the everyday lives of my friends and family that are so far away. It inspires me to create new dishes and drinks. It helps me stay connected, I am addicted to it. It's true.

Do you have a Love/Hate relationship with Instagram too?

Happy Weekend,

Karen xx

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