Dressing Up when your a Breastfeeding Mumma

Sunday, July 1, 2012
We went to a wedding yesterday, and sitting in the car on the way there I was all flustered and felt like I didn't have any time to get ready myself. I guess this is how it works as a Mum, by the time you've organised everyone and everything else you have about five minutes to slap on some lippy and slide on your dress before gathering everything up and running out the door, only to realise you have a run in your stocking or you have a lovely smudge of peanut butter in your hair.  Or maybe you just gather everything and do your hair and makeup in the car.

This time I thought I would be really clever and somewhat organised, the night before I tried on a few of my dresses to see if any actually fit properly. It is winter here so I wanted a dress I could wear my tights and boots with, so not something too Summery. I was elated when I tried one of my favourite dresses that I thought didn't fit around the bust anymore, but this time it did, YAY, this is perfect, got my outfit sorted.

 Or so I thought. About 10 minutes before we were due to leave I was still running around in my tights, I had rollers still in my hair, finishing prepping the baby food and making sure the nappy bag was loaded. I got Ezra ready, ran to our room to get dressed, slipped on my Dress and what do you know, it doesn't actually fit. Wait, what, it fit last night though right? Yup, but since I am still breastfeeding I forgot to take empty vs full into account. And now it was uncomfortably tight and squashy, and I had a bad case of flat boobs. I rummaged through the wardrobe trying on one thing after another, the bed was covered in a huge pile of clothes. Until I became a breastfeeding Mum I just didn't understand how difficult it is to have a nice going out dress or outfit that allows access for feeds. Dressing up for things like weddings is just so much more difficult and stressful. Not surprisingly, I actually want to look good as well as wearing something practical that fits my Mummy needs.

I finally decided on something I thought looked 'ok' or more like the best option of what I had available, and ran out the door. As much as I am a huge advocate for, and love breastfeeding, I am secretly looking forward to my old dresses fitting again!! This is what I ended up with! And shhh don't tell anyone but this cardigan is the only black one I could dig up in my drawer and I was trying to hide the holes under the arms all day, whoops.

How do you do breastfeeding and dressing up? Do you have a 'go to outfit'? Or do you pump and bring milk along? Or are you a stylish Mumma guru who can let us in on how to make it work?

2 comments on "Dressing Up when your a Breastfeeding Mumma"
  1. Cie from pathetic to pinupAugust 3, 2012 at 3:11 PM

    I went to a wedding when little madam was 5 month old and I was still breastfeeding, I wore a strapless dress. Epic fail. Hollywood tape can only hold so much!

  2. Have you any tips of brands or looks which you can wear whilst breast feeding? I'm looking for a nice dress that will be breast feeding appropriate to wear to christening, weddings and any other upcoming events and so far I'm failing!