You is Smart, You is Kind, You is Important

Monday, July 23, 2012
I have a new embroidery piece in my Etsy store, my first new addition in a while. This piece was inspired by the book The Help written by Kathryn Stockett. I read it last year, and I loved it. It made me angry, it made me laugh, it made me cry, it was a beautiful story. This quote stood out to me immediately. One of the main characters is an African American maid called Aibileen Clark, who looks after a little white girl, Mae Mobley. Mae Mobley "ain't cute" according to Aibileen, and doesn't really fit in with her mothers ideas of the perfect daughter, even though she is but 3 years old. Aibileen doesn't care about this, she cares about teaching Mae Mobley that she is smart, she is kind and she is important. No matter what anyone else says. They really have a beautiful relationship, one that Mae Mobley's Mother should have with her daughter but doesn't seem to have that desire.

I love this quote because I think every child should have these words spoken to them, that they should be able to grow up believing these things about themselves. It isn't about what they look like, or what they can or can't do, it is about who they are as a person. It breaks my heart when I see children in terrible situations. There is a family that I often see that have major domestic disputes in the middle of the street, which we have called the police about before. They have a small child, who isn't even two years old yet. When I was stitching this, I thought of this little boy. It makes me wonder if he has ever heard these words, it makes me so sad to think he has to grow up with this kind of volatility around him on a daily basis. It doesn't do much for creating a secure and loving environment to help him to become a well balanced and secure adult.

So for me, this is a great reminder, to tell our children everyday. 
You are Smart, You are Kind, You are Important. 

2 comments on "You is Smart, You is Kind, You is Important"
  1. This is beautiful and The Help is one of my favourite books. I love this x

  2. Thank you! It is one of my favorite books too , so funny as well, especially Minnys pie haha