At This Moment: 11 Months

Wednesday, July 18, 2012
11 Months old.

First of all, this week Ezra finally said 'Mum' hip hooray! The first of many, many times I am sure! I was pretty excited because he has been saying Dad for so long. Finally, we moved past only saying the 'D' sound, and moved on to M and N too. 

This photo above is a captures Ezra's personality perfectly. He is running to me, mouth wide open, probably making some kind of roaring noise, ready to attack with full force. Gives me a big cuddle, then he is on his way again. I love him so!

I officially have a walker. Crawling is lame, so he seems to think because he doesn't do it any more. Just walking, sometimes very fast walking that kind of resembles running. I better get used to running too. Although when he is concentrating on walking he walks with his arms up in the air, it is hilarious. He is such a confident and fearless little boy. I can't believe the things he tries. As you can imagine this means he has a lot of bumps and bruises. Thankfully nothing major yet.

These new teeth that are supposedly causing sooo much pain for my little man are yet to make their grand appearance. I am just hoping and praying that they bust through those gums soon! For my sake as well as his.

I am still in disbelief that we are nearing a year. I am so excited about his birthday, baking him his first cake, celebrating with a party especially for him, and how fun is it to planned themed kids parties? I am loving perusing online for all these fabulous ideas.

I have been saying all along that I would like kids spaced two years apart, and well, I better start thinking about that soon too.

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