Success for the boy that hates shoes

Friday, July 20, 2012

I finally found a pair of shoes that Ezra is happy to wear, keep on his feet and walk around! It has been bothering me so much that his feet have been so chilly just padding around in his socks on our cold wooden floors. I felt so bad for him, but every time I put shoes on his feet, he would cry and scream and then rip them off. 

These little Robeez arrived in the mail from yesterday, and I slipped them on and although he had a small protest, he quickly realised he could still walk properly, and off he went. The soles are suede, so they are soft, but not slippery. They are a tad bit big still, but that is ok, plenty of room to grow. They are such cute little shoes. Oh man. He's already been getting compliments about them when we are out and about, and people have been asking where we got them from, so I thought I would share here too! 
It is the little things that get me excited these days, ha. I love kids shoes!

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